Hire Flower Wall Backdrop in Sydney for Special Events

Are you struggling to choose a theme for your special event? Well, the struggle is real because no matter how big or attractive the venue is, if you cannot set the theme right or get appropriate props for decking up the place, it will look bleak.

With our service of flower wall hire in Sydney, things can be easy-breezy. A wall with full of gorgeous blooming flowers of different shades set as your photo backdrop - do you need anything else than that?

Wish to pop up your wedding photo booth with something unique? Pixie Photo Booths is here to help!Opt for our exclusive flower walls and combine it with a photo booth. Just like the flowers, each photo taken against this backdrop will flourish too.Order for our floral backdrops online and add colours to your photos.

Perfectly knitted against the base, the flower arrangements are made in a contrasting colour combination. We have both light and dark coloured floral backdrops for you to pick.

Hire a Flower Wall Sydney
Light Floral Backdrop
Fake Flower Wall Hire
Dark Floral Backdrop

Why Choose Our Flower Walls

  • Our delivery experts carefully handle the flower walls till the delivery to your venue without a glitch.
  • We offer competitive pricing for our flower walls without hampering the quality.
  • The flowers featured in our flower walls remain fresh throughout your event so that the pictures taken in the end also appears to be exquisite.
  • Our flower walls feature exclusive wall designs and combinations that you will not find in any of the other flower walls available for hire.
  • We offer a free set up for the flower walls at your venue so that you readily get started with clicking some amazing photos.
  • We have two different shades of floral designs to suit your needs.

Our passion leads us to create amazing designs and these designs lead to beauty!

Apart from the wedding, you can also order our floral backdrops for birthday parties or special occasions. We assure you the charm and freshness as you order for our backdrops.

Call us for more details on the floral backdrop designs.

People says

I have recently hired a photo booth for my wedding and my experience with Pixie Photo Booths is just awesome! They have given us so many props, and the interior of the enclosed booth was just the best. My guests were super happy about what they have got. It’s like I have got exactly what I wanted.

- Robert Gill

I strongly recommend Pixie Photo Booths to those who are looking for bringing in some excitement in their party. The photo booth is just excellent in every way. The price was low, yet the picture quality was just flawless. The camera quality was just superb. We have enjoyed our time in the booth.

- Albert Thomson

We loved everything about the photo booth. We clicked some of the awesome photos during the wedding. The best thing is that we were able to share it with the friends in a jiffy. We even brought the best prints of our family and friends to our home. Clicking snaps were real fun with the backdrops and the pops. Well done Pixie Photo Booth for the perfect arrangement.

- Veronica
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