Engage your Guests with a Unique Wedding Photo Booth Hire in Sydney

Who says marriages are made in heaven? They are made in Pixie Photo Booths. There have billions of weddings, and there will be billions more!!! Weddings hence, no more make the news. We ensure they do – with our wedding photo booth hire Sydney service.

Do photo booths make any difference?

Surely they do, and more so, when you have hired companies like us – the optimal in wedding photo booth service fraternity.

Undoubtedly, the wedding photo booth service that we come up with waves a magic wand over the entire wedding ceremony and the reception, taking them to an altogether new level of aristocracy and finesse. The booths we come up with offer personalised needs, to say the least.

They are innovative in look and feel, and offer your guests a fantastic entertainment, giving them the opportunity to be ‘clicked’ in the most leisurely and candid manner, in tune with the aura of celebration that is very much palpable.

Wedding Photo Booth for Hire
Wedding Photo Booth Hire

What special so we offer?

We can guarantee that your guests would get the taste of a unique ‘photographic’ experience that will change the very mood of your wedding party. You will not find them partying, dancing and having the delicious dishes that you have arranged for them. You will see them in front of our photo booths.

  • Every guest is offered unlimited photo printouts along with personalised video messages, and high-resolution digital negatives on a pen drive after the wedding.
  • We have special offers for the bride and the groom. So if it’s for your wedding, fasten your seatbelts! We will take you for a ride on the cloud nine with some never-expected photo booth experiences.

Admittedly, in us, you will find a photo booth service provider that mixes innovation with traditions in the most professional way. We are sure our service will add something ‘special’ to your wedding!!

Be ready for a gala D-day!!!!

A footnote: Don’t worry! They will love the dishes – but only after the photo sessions!!

People says

I have recently hired a photo booth for my wedding and my experience with Pixie Photo Booths is just awesome! They have given us so many props, and the interior of the enclosed booth was just the best. My guests were super happy about what they have got. It’s like I have got exactly what I wanted.

- Robert Gill

I strongly recommend Pixie Photo Booths to those who are looking for bringing in some excitement in their party. The photo booth is just excellent in every way. The price was low, yet the picture quality was just flawless. The camera quality was just superb. We have enjoyed our time in the booth.

- Albert Thomson

We loved everything about the photo booth. We clicked some of the awesome photos during the wedding. The best thing is that we were able to share it with the friends in a jiffy. We even brought the best prints of our family and friends to our home. Clicking snaps were real fun with the backdrops and the pops. Well done Pixie Photo Booth for the perfect arrangement.

- Veronica
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