#HASHTAG Your Next Event with Instagram Printer Hire in Sydney


It’s time to capture moments from every angle with a live Instagram printer. Pixie Photo Booths offers you the opportunity to flash yourself, tag your friends and instantly collect the memory with high-quality, technologically sound printers. Hire us to explore the most engaging social experience. We inspire the guests coming to the events to share the user-generated content. We encourage you to indulge in conversations that are specifically aimed at promoting your brand..

Why do you Need to Hire Instagram Printer?

Well, we believe that social engagement and conversation plays a pivotal role when it comes to enhancing brand recognition. And when it is all about social media like Instagram, we leave no stone unturned to keep the people talking about the event. All you need to do is to engage the guests present at the venue to take a snap and upload them on Instagram with a unique #hashtag dedicated to the event.

Printer for Instagram Photos
Instagram Hashtag Printer

Hire Instagram Printer in Sydney to Spruce up the Engagement

With a dedicated hashtag for the event, what you need to do is to encourage the guests to present on the floor to share the unique news of the event and the business on the social media. It is the platform where you can expect a brand identification to grow exponentially. Hire Instagram printer in Sydney to drive in the viral reach. We also keep in mind your requirement, and therefore, assist in spreading the word about your services.

Involve the Guests in Hashtag Competition

When it comes to hashtag and Instagram, both are considered as trackable social reach. With each photo being shared under a dedicated hashtag, it means you are exploring social engagement. Boost up the competition by integrating a hashtag competition amongst the guests.

Give your Guests a Branded Takeaway at the End of the Event

With a myriad of options to customise, we strive to give your snaps the identity of their own. Opt for personalised messages at the footer, and get a print. We provide Instagram printer to ensure that you take back home the memorabilia you created at the event. The digital copy of the print contains all the insight of engagement and promotion.

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Looking forward to something magical or unique to happen? Arrange some out of the track event that is going to keep the guests at your event engaged. Hire Instagram printer in Sydney to make the day special for all the guests present. Contact Pixie Photo Booths now.

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- Veronica
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